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It’s the new year.  A time for rebirth.  The coldest and shortest days of the year are ripe for considering stuff of life.  And what can be more life giving than blood (accept maybe boiled peanuts, but that is another blog).  Kellianne (our daughter) was the recipient of a blood transfusion after delivery by emergency cesarean section.  She was gravely anemic after having lost half her blood volume in utero.  The survival rate for her condition, we were told, is pretty low.  Thanks to Charles Drew (blood bank pioneer), Kenny McAlpine (our obstetrician), and David Tharpe (her blood donor) she survived.  So yesterday, the last day of 2013, she and I donated blood.  We are O+ and my blood has the additional characteristic of being CMV negative (that is free of the cytomegalovirus, for those interested).  Perfect for neonates.  We do this every 56 days (or so).  That she was once the recipient of this vital oxygen carrying fluid and is now the donor of same supports the adage “what goes around comes around.”  But that is not assured.  We still have to sign up, we still have to make time, we still have to go, and then answer those same questions on the pre-donation screening (yes I took aspirin, no I have not had sex with some one with hepatitis or from a country on the banned list, yes I have been out of the country, no I don’t have Chaga’s disease…).  That is to say, we have to be intentional and take initiative.  It’s like that saying: “5 frogs on a log, 4 decide to jump off, how many are left?”  ————– the answer ————  “5, because deciding isn’t doing.”  Now, what is important to you that you need to act upon?  Happy new year.  Get off the log.  Give blood ( or do some other act of service.


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